Monday, December 19, 2011

Car free for 2012

According to Reuters in 2010 44% of Americans planned to make a New Years resolution. Here I am in 2011 drinking Ranger IPA from New Belgium trying to figure out how I am going to reign in the New Year. Well, that isn't 100% true as I already know I am going to dress up as "The Situation" on Jersey Shores at Devon's New Years party.

"So we got a situation", I have been kicking around the idea of going car-less in 2012. To clear any crazy ideas that may have just sprung to life in your mind the intent is not for all travel to no longer be powered by the internally combustable motor. Rather there will be restrictions I would place on my transportation. So far the best idea I have had is that I will not drive if it is solely for my transportation, "personal transportation". I think this subverts many of the socially awkward situations I could think of. So if my wife wants to see a movie in February for valentines day I am free and able to driver her there and not feel the need to try and make it seem romantic for us to ride our bikes there.

One of my biggest concerns is poor weather. Specifically precipitation that is in the solid form, also known as snow. The cold is not of any concern. What really bothers me is CO-5's last leg up to CO-392. There is zero shoulder and it is up hill, prolonging the amount of time I get to compete with traffic.

To solve this problem I first turned to Fort Collins public transportation system. One important fact for this discussion is that it takes me about 20 minutes to drive from my house to the office. Unless I am missing something obvious it would take me about 2 hours to get to the office taking public transportation. At this point I am thinking that in order to meet my objective of avoiding personal transportation I am going to have to either find some sort of commuting group or plan to work from home if the weather is poor. Both are not ideal. Time to hit the chalk board...

FYI: I got the idea of "personal transportation" from