Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Costa Rica 2011 Part 1

After our saga of getting from Colorado to San Jose we started the day out somewhat slowly. Jess and Tyler started it off by coming over with some really good pineapple. After having breakfast we explored the village area and met some of the staff and residents. After exploring a little bit we set off for Tyler and Jess villa shopping and lunch. During lunch Devon had a massive fish. It was the whole thing deep fat fried. It was about 16" long. This was probably the highlight of the day.
What a fish!

The cool part was that the server who was also the cook held up the fish before hand asking if it was the right size. We all assumed that she was asking if that was enough for all of us. After lunch we went to the local store to pick up stuff for Jess and Tyler's villa. While the Shannon's and the girls were shopping Devon and I got a beer at the bar that was attached. It was pretty cool that the little shop had a bar attached. It was at this point that I noticed there are dogs everywhere in Costa Rica. There was not a place we went without dogs running around. The odd part is that none of them had collars. Once we got back from shopping and lunch we had dinner. During dinner we had a pretty strong rain storm. I actually welcomed this as it was neat having a warm rain instead of the cold ones that we get here in Colorado. After dinner we went to the pool to enjoy some suds and the weather. Jenn did her typical saving every living thing, this time a bug floating in the pool, and it bit her while doing so. After being bitten she started to talk about how mean the little bug was. As she was cursing the bug out she realized that it was sprinkling. Once she noticed that it was sprinkling she said "oh, look it is sprinkling, how pretty" in a super chipper voice. Those that know Jenn understand what I am trying to describe. It was the highlight of my day. The beer for the day was Imperial. Later in the week I would realize that was going to be the beer for every day. They also had Pilsen and Bolvaria. They were not as common though.

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