Saturday, September 10, 2011

Costa Rica 2011 Part 3

After fishing and everything else in the trip folks were a little tired. As a result we all slept in and did not get up until about nine, felt really good. For breakfast we had eggs, turkey, mango, toast and cheese. After breakfast Jenn, Cara, Devon and I hung out by the pool while Jess and Tyler got there villa put together. Really that meant we drank by the pool side while taking in the sun rays.
Shot of Jenn and I while we were at the pool
Shot of Devon and Cara while we were at the pool
When we were at the pool we watched some guy using his machetty to cut down leaves and branches which was pretty awesome. This also served as the inspiration that gave me purpose and meaning for the rest of the trip, to find and own a machete of my own. We also saw some pretty cool insects including a huge "nest" of termites. I threw a stone at that to see what the inside looked like. Not really that interesting but different enough to be neat.

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