Sunday, September 18, 2011

Costa Rica 2011 Part 7

We all slept in a little bit. This was really nice given we had to get up early most of the days to do various activities. After having a minimal breakfast with everyone we went for a hike. The objective was to find the water falls that are on OSA mountain property. I left about 40 minutes into the hike in pursuit of a machete.

During the hike poor Jenn was climbing over a log to traverse a steep ravine when it gave loose. She was not able to recover from this and fell.
Hopefully you can see how this could go wrong.
I was not able to get the machete while others were hiking. What happened was everyone except for Tyler, he was feeling ill again, ended up coming out by Tyler and Jess' villa. I wandered around trying to find them for quite a while until finally finding them at our villa.

Back at our villa Devon and I watched the beginning part of Terminator Salvation while the girls showered. While watching one of the workers brought my machete by. Awesome!
Coolest thing in the world!
We packed up and head out after this. I mean what else was there to do! On the way we stopped in San Isidro again for lunch. We went a little out of the way because pizza was the requested meal and that was the only place that our GPS knew about pizza. Turned out that after San Isidro there were a bunch of pizza joints, go figure. After getting lunch we made our way for San Jose. Because Jess and Tyler are rock stars they took portrait pictures of us on the way. We really did not do the best job of managing our time so we ended up driving the rest of the way in heavy rain and in the dark, not fun.

That covers the adventure that was Costa Rica. Hope that you have enjoyed this series of blog posts.

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