Thursday, September 8, 2011

Costa Rica 2011 Part 2

After the first full day we really started to find our stride. We started the day out early again because we were going to go deep sea fishing. Again Tyler set this all up for us. It was such a pleasure to have the Shanons take care of us for the week! Devon caught the biggest fish of the day, well sort of. While pulling in his fish it came off of the hook. Luckily I was pulling in "another" fish. Turned out the both of us are realling in the same one . As the boat guy was pulling it out the hook feel out and my line got wrapped around it's tail. Guess it was not the fishes day.
 Two is always better than one
Jenn was able to reel in a pretty good sized Tuna as well.
In total we caught six tuna and one mackerel. We did not get to keep the mackerel as it came off of the hook as Cara was reeling it in. When fishing we almost made it to CaƱo Island. On the way back to shore we went through a pretty strong storm. After getting back from fishing we had just enough time to get home, shower, cook dinner and then enjoy the rest of the evening. The fresh tuna was really good. After fishing; tuna, rice and beans would become a staple of our diet. I looked forward to dinner every day.

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