Sunday, September 18, 2011

Expanding Mac iPhoto shared library

Today Jenn wanted to add photos to our library from the CSU vs. CU game yesterday (9news report of the game), but couldn't because there was no free space out of the originally allotted 20GB. She told me about this and I looked at how to do this. The good part is that it is actually very easy. Because we have separate accounts I set up our iPhoto library as suggested by Apple here (sparse image placed in shared users folder). Here are the steps taken to expand my volume from 20GB to 40GB:

  1. Unmount your sparse image
  2. Open Terminal
  3. Type
    1. hdiutil resize -size 40g iPhotoLibrary.sparseimage
  4. Mount your sparse image and load photos
After you do step 4 and look at the available size (command-i) you may ask your self why it is not reporting the size you requested. The reason is because 40g is actually (2^20) * 40 = 41,943,040 in base 2.

Hope you enjoyed.

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